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About Us


Welcome to England Esthetics

At England Esthetics, we are dedicated to making your skin the best it can be.   Whether you live an active or lavish lifestyle, we believe skincare should be able to fit in everyones budget AND schedule!

CBD Skincare

CBD has antibacterial, anti- antiseptic and anti-inflammatory  properties, making it the perfect ingredient in your skincare routine! It encourages cellular turnover, while aiding in the removal of dead cells. and has been found to help improve with skin conditions such as acne, eczema, rosacea, and more!

Gua Sha

Known as the "Eastern Botox", Gua Sha Facial Massage is a traditional Chinese facial massage technique that breaks up muscle tension, aids in lymphatic drainage and promotes a healthy circulation. Healing gemstone sculpting tools are used to visibly reduce inflammation and to  instantly lift, tone and tighten the skin.  

Facial Reflexology  

Through facial reflexology, we can see how different body parts and organs are "connected" to the face. Reflexology stimulates different zones on the face to work with all parts of the body and evoke our natural ability to heal from the inside, out.  Come learn what your face is saying about you!

Micro/ Nano Needling 

Both nano and micro-needling can help with a variety of skin conditions, such as rosacea, stubborn acne, hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, and more. Book a complimentary consultation to see which treatment is right for you!

Lash Lifting  

Lash lifting is a low cost, low maintenance alternative to eyelash extensions, with results lasting up to 8 weeks. Think of it like a perm for your eyelashes; we lift them up and fan them out, creating the appearance of longer, fuller lashes. Almost everyone can benefit from a lash lift and tint!  

Henna ​Brows

Great for filling in sparse or light brows, henna tints both the skin beneath the brow and the eyebrow hair itself. Each service comes with a complimentary brow trim, shape and wax. 


Get smooth from head to toe! Results from waxing typically last 4-6 weeks, and is a great option for the girl (or guy!) on the go. We are all about making your waxing experience as quick and pain free as possible!

Meet the Owner​

England Esthetics was built on the foundation of love; spreading love to others, loving yourself, and loving your skin. 


Alexandria England

Alex England is a Licensed Aesthetician in the Denver area with a passion for wholistic skincare with results. She graduated in 2016 from the Denver School of Botanical and Medical Aesthetics, where she developed a love for result- oriented treatments. Alex found her calling in Gua Sha Facial Massage, and recently joined Cecily Braden and the Beauty Secrets US team as the National Educator for online training. As a Colorado native, it was always Alex's dream to own and operate a small, local business. England Esthetics was created as a space where you could come to decompress from the craziness of every day life, in a safe, judgment free zone. Whether you are a busy single mom, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, or just someone who needs to get away, it is her job to help you fall in love with your skin and YOURSELF again. 

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